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YEC Members Offer Insight on E-Commerce and Sales

YEC Members Offer Insight on E-Commerce and Sales

YEC members are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on e-commerce and sales trends in 2016.

How to Get to Yes: 3 Tips to Help You Close Online Sales

In his latest article on American Express, YEC member John Rampton shares his secret tactic to make online sales: using the power of a micro-yes. He writes, "You have something your prospects want — build on small yeses that culminate in a big yes. The way I've found to do this is to make finding what they want easy, to show your products in action, and to offer personalized, custom coupons."

11 Reasons Your Customers Are Abandoning Their Online Shopping Carts

We recently asked our members to share their tips on how to keep their customers coming back to their e-commerce businesses. One member writes, "A 'guest checkout' that doesn’t require creating an account is a great way to reduce abandoned carts." Read their tips in this Business2Community article.

YEC Contributors: Fan Bi, Blank LabelAlex Miller, PosiRankAdam Steele, The MagistrateMiles Jennings, Recruiter.comVik PatelFuture HostingBrandon Stapper, 858 GraphicsAngela Harless, AcrobatAntAndy Karuza, FenSensMatt Doyle, Excel BuildersWesley Mathews, High Level MarketingYaniv Masjedi, Nextiva.

The Soft Touch of Sales: Seven Tips for Female Business Owners

In her latest Forbes article,  Brilliance CEO Marcela De Vivo shares the reasons why women in business must adopt certain strategies to confront, engage and defeat the classic stereotypes about women. She writes, "The reality is: many women in business face the same prejudice as America’s first black pilots. Anything short of excellence is likely to be met with “I told you so.”

13 Trends That Will Change e-Commerce in 2016

E-commerce is constantly changing and in 2016, there are no exceptions. In this Noobpreneur article, our members share what they think will be the biggest e-commerce trend this year.

YEC Contributors: Beck Bamberger, BAM CommunicationsPeter Daisyme, InvoicingFan Bi, Blank LabelJeff Epstein, AmbassadorIvan Matkovic, SpendgoJohn Rampton, DueCody McLain, SupportNinjaAndrew Namminga, AndesignAdam Steele, The MagistrateNicole Munoz, Start Ranking NowDrew Hendricks, ButtercupRoss Beyeler, Growth SparkThomas Smale, FE International.

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