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YEC Members Offer Tips on Optimizing for the New Economy

YEC Members Offer Tips on Optimizing for the New Economy

YEC members are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on optimizing for the new economy.

11 Mistakes E-Commerce Companies Make on Mobile

In our most recent article published in The Next Web, we wanted to know which strategies are best to use with an e-commerce site and which practices to avoid. One member explained why sharing capability is so important: "Social is everything these days. If someone is on the fence about buying something, give them the ability to easily ask their online friends. Either way, they’re spreading the word about your business without you lifting a finger."

YEC contributors: Jonathan LongMarket Domination MediaCharlie GrahamShop It To Me, Inc.Nicolas GremionFree-eBooks.netBrooke BergmanAllied Business Network Inc.Andrew NammingaAndesignStanley MeytinTrue Film ProductionMatt DoyleExcel BuildersDave NevogtHubstaff.comJayna CookeEVENTupKristopher JonesLSEO.comShilpi SharmaKvantum Inc.

9 Ways to Make Money in the On-Demand Economy

Recently, companies like Uber and Handy have been experiencing the advantages of on-demand services. As entrepreneurs, it's a great industry to get into. In this ReadWrite article, our members share their best advice for starting up in this space.

YEC contributors: Vanessa Van Edwards, Science of PeopleAndrew Namminga, AndesignReza Chowdhury, AlleyWatchAlexandra Levit, Inspiration at WorkBreanden BeneschottToptalJared Brown, HubstaffJayna Cooke, EventupJere Simpson, KitewireRobert De Los Santos, Sky High Party Rentals.

3 Innovative Strategies to Improve Office Communication

Want to get employees more engaged with company news? YEC member Yaniv Masjedi wrote an article for American Express Open Forum on the best unorthodox, yet effective, ways to spark communication between your team and you. Yaniv writes, "Encourage your employees to comment and ask questions on your company blog, and make a note to answer in a timely fashion. You may see an uptick in employee engagement in no time."

How Tracking KPIs Can Revitalize Your Company’s Culture

YEC member Rob Nelson, CEO of Grow, recently published an article for Inc on the importance of tracking metrics when running a business: "People want to feel like they are contributing to something great and making a difference. If you don't keep track of the score, you and your team won't know to what extent you are progressing."

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