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YEC Members Offer Tips on How to Get Things Done

YEC Members Offer Tips on How to Get Things Done

YEC members are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety ofindustries and gained first-hand knowledge ofthe challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on how entrepreneurs can get things done.

Eight Time-Tracking Tools That Can Skyrocket Productivity

In this The Next Web article, we asked successful entrepreneurs how they spend their time to increase productivity and how they teach their employees about the specifics of prioritization to limit wasted time.

YEC contributors: Michael SpinosaUnleashed TechnologiesAdam SteeleLoganixKevin GetchWebforPiyush JainSIMpalmShalyn DeverChatter BuzzAndrew NammingaAndesignKamil Mroczek, Sense360, Smith Simmons, PLLC.

10 Proven Ways to Overcome Indecision

For many entrepreneurs, time can be their worst enemy. Founders come across many obstacles in the startup world, so it's important to know how to overcome indecision in their business. Read the latest tips in this Inc article.

YEC contributors: Punit Shah, My Trio RingsBrittany Hodak, ZinePakMattan Griffel, One MonthMarcela DeVivo, HomeselfeTolga Tanriseven, GirlsAskGuysTamara Nall, The Leading NicheJayna CookeEVENTupClayton Dean, Archer EducationJeff Epstein, AmbassadorRoss Beyeler, Growth Spark.

The Three Best Qualities Your Right-Hand Person Can Have

Having the perfect partner ensures that you can surge ahead with your work. In his latest Forbes article, YEC member Anthony Russo shares the valuable lessons he's learned in the startup scene. The Identity Marketing founder writes, "A great leader needs a great right-hand person to complement his abilities.... Find someone who complements your own qualities and build your success — and the team’s — as one unit."

12 Work Methods That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity

We recently asked our members to share one tool or method for achieving uninterrupted focus when you most need it. Their answers were shared in this Success article.

YEC contributors: Alex Miller, PosiRank LLCCassie Petrey, Crowd SurfAndrew Thomas, SkyBellBeck Bamberger, BAM CommunicationsChristine Hassler, Christine Hassler, IncMike Ambassador Bruny, No More Reasonable DoubtSean Ogle, Location 180, LLCJobby John, EndoTech SolutionsNicole Smartt, Star StaffingJulien Pham, RubiconMDKristy Knichel, Knichel LogisticsCody McLain, SupportNinja.

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