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Anthony Russo has been a self-employed business owner for more than five years, and his seven-figure agency, Identity Marketing, is recognized among the top companies in the field of experiential promotional marketing. Russo is also a professional speaker and an emcee for large national events.

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As a manager, you likely have a long list of responsibilities and many demands on your time. This may leave you with little time for unplanned meetings or additional questions from your team members, let alone time to complete your own work. Regardless of your workload, though, it’s vital to make yourself available to your employees. It not only ensures that everyone is able to carry out their daily tasks efficiently, but it also builds confidence and trust between you and your team members. Below, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council share 10 ways you can make yourself available to your team, no matter how busy you are.

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Helping your community doesn't mean that your need to dedicate your company to philanthropic works. Even profit-based companies can give back to their communities in a significant way if they start incorporating philanthropy into their company culture or develop a community-focused approach to business operations. The company culture shapes how employees view the business and interact with each other. By promoting philanthropy, a business seeks to leverage its employees' knowledge and experience in a unique way that will build the business's reputation and do good within the community. To help, these ten experts from Young Entrepreneur Council share some of the techniques they use to build philanthropy into their company culture and explain why this matters.

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In the wake of COVID-19, many businesses have had to significantly modify or even temporarily shut down their daily operations. In tough times such as these, finding new revenue streams can be a great way to make up the lost income and keep the company afloat. The members of Young Entrepreneur Council understand the struggle of running a business during difficult times, as well as how to navigate that challenge successfully. Below, they share 10 creative ways to diversify your company’s cash flow.

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I've recently taking a less intensive and more advisory role with my company, Identity Marketing. My current project is two years in the making with a motivational/positivity company with a big portion being a clothing line. The concept is: #BETHECHANGE seeks to create a movement that serves to inspire people to make the world a better place. After a major event that took place in 2016, I took steps to leave my work behind, to dedicate everything to creating a movement, a goal, and spreading a message. By starting with ourselves and looking within, we can find strong forces to incite the change we need as a society. Politicians and policy don't dictate who we are as a people. We need to better ourselves and be there for each other. We have the ability to #bethechange. People do a lot of talking in this country, but #bethechange looks to provide a clear message of hope while finding charities that need help. We have built a network of ambassadors and motivational speakers to be utilized as part of our movement. The message I want to convey is that we are more than our politics, we are more than our failures, we are people that have greater power than any government to create a change. The way we interact with people, the way we make ourselves better people and the time and resources we give to our community is 100 times more powerful than what any act of congress or any president can do.


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