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YEC Members Offer Tips on Helping Employees Succeed

YEC Members Offer Tips on Helping Employees Succeed

YEC members are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on how to establish and fully develop your company’s culture.

How You Can Help Your Millennial Team Members Succeed

In this Forbes article, Bryanne Lawless explores what millennials need in order to be successful at your company. For Bryanne, who is a millennial business owner herself, this includes mentorship, collaboration, work-life balance and positive reinforcement.

Are You a Time-Crunched Boss? 13 Proven Ways to Stay Connected With Your Staff

In this AllBusiness article, YEC members discuss how leaders can get enough one-on-one time with employees while their company is growing.

YEC contributors: John RamptonDueBhavin ParikhMagoosh Inc.Chuck CohnVarsity TutorsMegan BederaAmplify RelationsMatt DoyleExcel BuildersZachary JohnsonSyndioShilpi SharmaKvantum Inc.Ginger JonesJones Therapy ServicesDan GoldenBe Found OnlineJayna CookeEVENTupAndy KaruzaFenSensKristopher JonesLSEO.comEran Eyal, Springleap

How To Turn Your Internship Program Into A Mentorship Program

In his latest Forbes article, Manpreet Singh shares honestly about the importance of treating interns like mentees. He writes: "Saying 'I want to be your mentor' felt like telling someone you just met that you want to be their best friend someday. Then, I realized how not disclosing your intentions can have equally off-putting consequences."

Employee burnout can be a serious concern in any business environment potentially leading to loss of morale, health issues, and ultimately, a drop in productivity. As Marcela De Vivo writes in this Switch and Swift article: "With new social media and productivity apps, committed employees are constantly plugged in and unable to disconnect from the constant demands the outside world places on us."

11 Ways to Encourage Employees to Disconnect and Recharge

YEC contributing members: Mattan Griffel, One MonthElle Kaplan, LexION CapitalJarrett McCraw, MightyPatrick Barnhill, Specialist ID, Inc.Laura Roeder, MeetEdgar.com; Robert Lee, Circa Interactive IncAndrew Saladino, Kitchen Cabinet KingsNanxi Liu, EnplugNick Akey, MakerSquareMarcela De Vivo, BrillianceCody McLain, SupportNinja


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