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YEC Members Offer Tips on Big Data and Influencer Marketing

YEC Members Offer Tips on Big Data and Influencer Marketing

YEC members are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on big data and successful influencer marketing.

Make Big Data Your Marketing Advantage

In his latest Forbes article, Apt Marketing Solutions CEO Curtis Thornhill opens up about how many businesses don’t know how to capture their data in a way that reveals future performance, yet offers Big Data as a core solution. He writes, "Marketing is about relationship building, and Big Data should be used to help companies craft messaging that really speaks to people."

Why Influencers Will Be Essential to Your Brand

According to Eyeflow president Phil Laboon, the internet and social media have killed traditional advertising. In his recent Huffington Post article, the YEC member discusses the role an influencer plays in social media, writing, "The new wave of marketing is online, and influencers are on the frontlines. People today, especially millennials and those who come from younger generations, tend to trust influencers on blogs and social media more than they trust brands and marketers because they feel like they know these people."

How Influencer Marketing Can Help You Build Your Brand and Win at SEO

"The key to being successful at influencer marketing is to remember that not every brand is right for every influencer." At least that's what YEC'er Fan Bi believes, as his latest Forbes article discusses how important modern marketing really is. His tip? "Most startup businesses have a very limited marketing budget, so getting influencers on board is a great way to get the word out about your product or service and boost your search rankings."

How to Use a Measured Approach to Successfully Launch Your Online Marketplace Business

Kiyan Barelli, co-founder of Swiss Commerce, recently published a Forbes piece about how certain measured approaches can help your business become successful and connect with the right people at the right time. He writes, "Building an online marketplace business usually takes longer than other online models. But don’t lose faith."

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