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YEC Members Offer Tips on People Management & Growth

YEC Members Offer Tips on People Management & Growth

YEC members are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on managing people growth.

The Top 9 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Quit and How to Stop Them

No matter what industry you're in, no business owner is safe from experiencing their fair share of employee turnover. In this latest Inc article, we asked our members to share the top reasons employees quit their jobs, and how you as a leader can intervene and fix the issue before any two weeks' notice conversations come into play.

YEC contributors: Anthony Pezzotti, Knowzo.comCharlie Graham, Shop It To Me, IncElle Kaplan, LexION CapitalAndrew Thomas, SkyBell Video DoorbellBrian David Crane, Caller Smart IncMatthew Weinberg, Vector Media GroupBrittany Hodak, ZinePakCorey Blake, Round Table CompaniesPeggy ShellCreative Alignments.

How To Replace Your Aging Performance Review System

In her latest Forbes article, YEC member Elle Kaplan shares the best way to eliminate the aging performance review system at your company. After all, "By the time you get around to a review, it’s too late to stop a major problem, or at best it’s already happened for months on end. Your whole team will appreciate that you saved “real” communication for when it counts."

How to Tell If a Team Member Is Ready for a Management Position

There are a few, telltale signs that an employee might be ready for a management position within your company and ready to take on a small team of their own. Recently, our members shared the telltale qualities of someone who is ready to take on a C-suite role within your team in this SmallBizTrends article. 

YEC contributors: Peter DaisymeInvoicingJoshua LeeStandOut AuthorityLuigi WewegeVivier GroupAlisha Navarro2 Hounds DesignDouglas BaldasareChargeItSpotAndy LeffElectricity Labs/Warp Speed LabsMatthew WeinbergVector Media GroupKevin ConnerWireSeekAviva Leebow WolmerPacesetterDustin CavanaughRenewAgeMurray NewlandsDue.com.

Attention, Class of 2016: 8 Real-World Tips for Navigating Today’s Workforce

As an entrepreneur himself, here are some tips from Eric Samson, founder of Group8A, for recent or soon-to-be graduates to get ahead in your career while staying sane and avoiding burnout. One tip? "Once you've got the job, leave your perfectionistic attitude at the door. If you see every mistake as a personal failure, your self-esteem and eventually your motivation will suffer - but failure is actually an opportunity for growth."

13 Ways You Can Make Meetings More Effective

Developing a framework to make meetings more effective is always top-of-mind for entrepreneurs. That's why we asked successful leaders to share their best tips. One member writes, "Time limits can be too inflexible, and unlimited time is the poison pill of productivity. So, stand up."

YEC contributors: Christopher KellyConveneNathan HaleFirst American MerchantDuran InciOptimum7David MainieroInGenius PrepJon TsourakisRevital Agency, LLCBrandon Stapper858 GraphicsElle KaplanLexION CapitalJake DunlapSkaledManpreet SinghTalkLocalThomas SmaleFE InternationalCody McLainSupportNinjaNicole MunozStart Ranking NowMicah JohnsonGoFanbase, Inc.

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