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YEC Members Offer Tips on How to Step Up Your Game

YEC Members Offer Tips on How to Step Up Your Game

The young entrepreneurs of YEC are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on how entrepreneurs can step up their game.

6 Critical Steps to Take Before Launching Your Startup

In his latest Fast Company article, we asked YEC member Obinna Ekezie to share the mistakes he's made while launching his startup and the things you can do in the pre-launch phase to make sure your startup actually sees the light of day and winds up succeeding.

5 Crucial Elements to Get The Support and Recognition Your Company Deserves

The Global Good Fund co-founder and CEO Carrie Rich recently published an article in Forbes on how you can position yourself for success as a young leader. She writes, "You have to be in a position to both receive and accept feedback. No matter where you are in your career (or in your business), demonstrate the curiosity to learn and grow."

Why Entrepreneurs Struggle With Critical Thinking and What to Do About It

You won't realize you're making flat-out assumptions until you test them. Critical thinking is useful in just about every sphere of life you can think of, but it's especially important for entrepreneurs. That's why YEC member Murray Newlands wrote an article on how to maintain a clear-headed, rational perspective.

4 Ways to Plan for a Super Productive Day the Night Before

Before you go to bed, make a list of all your assignments, meetings, and tasks for the day ahead. That's one tip YEC member Alan Carniol, founder of Interview Success Formula, has for aspiring entrepreneurs. While mobile technology has enabled us to work more flexibly, it's also enabled many of us to work more. As Alan writes, "Fortunately, many of those same digital tools can help us set the stage to get things done the next day before we even set foot in the office, as long as we use them wisely the night before—or earlier."

Keep an eye out both on our blog and around the web for more great content from YEC members, who regularly share their best practices and insider tips across the Internet.

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