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YEC Members Offer Tips on How to Plan Out Your Business

YEC Members Offer Tips on How to Plan Out Your Business

YEC members are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on how entrepreneurs can plan out their businesses.

How to Make Your Business Plan Tactical

In his latest article published in American Express Open Forum, YEC member Murray Newlands explains how creating a tactical business plan is pretty straightforward once you understand what’s involved. His advice? "By growing both tactical and strategic mindsets, you may be able to look at your business from the perspective of short and long term, narrowly and broadly focused, and opportunistic while risk-aware."

12 Ways to Come Across as More Trustworthy During a Startup Pitch

It's important to establish a foundation of trust when going into business with someone (or investing in one). That's why we asked members of YEC to share their best secrets when preparing to pitch their company. Here is what our members had to say in this VergeHQ article.

YEC contributors: Darrah BrusteinNetwork Under 40 / Finance Whiz KidsKevon Saber, Andrew ThomasSkyBell Video DoorbellCorey BlakeRound Table CompaniesNicolas GremionFree-eBooks.netMatt DoyleExcel BuildersLauren PerkinsPerks ConsultingMiles JenningsRecruiter.comJared BrownHubstaffShawn PoratFortune Cookie AdvertisingMark SamuelFitmarkSathvik TantryFormSwift.

The 15 Top Tech Roles Of 2016

In the latest article from Mashable, YEC members offer insight into why companies are focusing their efforts on hiring technical talent, from data engineers to machine learning experts, and why these roles will be so impactful.

YEC contributors: Obinna Ekezie, Wakanow.comAndrew Fayad, eLearning MindSimon Casuto, eLearning MindVanessa Van Edwards, Science of PeopleVik Patel, Future HostingDuran Inci, Optimum7Trevor Sumner, LocalVoxShalyn Dever, Chatter BuzzRoss Cohen, BeenVerifiedSimon Berg, CerosPeter Sena, Digital SurgeonsBlair Thomas, EMerchantBrokerAbby Ross, ThinkCERCAPeter Boyd, PaperStreet Web DesignKristopher Jones, LSEO.com.

How to Find Like-Minded Founders and Grow Your Network

Looking to make real connections with fellow founders who have the same drive as yourself? These YEC women have the best tips for you, shared via women2.0. One writes, "With the Internet, it’s easy to spot amazing founders or business owners in your industry. The trick is not to assume that they’re out of your reach, and to make the first move."

YEC contributors: Diana GoodwinAquaMobile Swim SchoolDarrah BrusteinNetworkUnder 40 / Finance Whiz KidsErica EasleyGumball PoodleElle KaplanLexION CapitalNathalie LussierAmbitionAllyAshley MadyBrandberryMegan ArmstrongDogma Training & Pet Services Inc.Faithe ParkerMarbaloo Marketing.

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