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YEC Members Offer Tips on Culture Development

YEC Members Offer Tips on Culture Development

YEC members are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on how to establish and fully develop your company's culture.

Ten Office Space Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Not all startup offices need ping-pong tables and beer on tap to come across as fresh and modern. That’s why we asked our entrepreneurs what one thing anyone can do to instantly upgrade their office space.

YEC contributors: Andrew Thomas, SkyBell Doorbell; Kelly Azevedo, She’s Got Systems; Christopher Kelly, Convene; Kristopher Jones, LSEO; Brett Farmiloe, Markitors; Mitch Gordon, Go Overseas; Jeff Epstein, Ambassador; Wesley Mathews, High Level Marketing; Dan Golden, Be Found Online; Jennifer Mellon, Trustify.

Five Important Insights For Entrepreneurs Doing Business in China

In his latest Forbes article, Joel Butterly distills the lessons he's learned from his experiences working with companies and organizations based in China. He writes, "China moves at an incredible pace. As a result, opportunities abound. Regardless of what you think you know, you must resist these opportunities and stay focused on your mission."

5 Ideas for Planning the Retreat of Your Company's Dreams

With summer here, many execs are setting their sights on the annual company retreat. In his recent Inc article, Rob Bellenfant, founder and chief strategy officer of TechnologyAdvice, shares five tips to help you plan a "workcation" that everyone enjoys. One tip? "Let your employees have fun, but don't lose sight of important business goals and the mission that brought you together in the first place. Try to set aside one day to focus on business objectives."

10 of the Best Business Books to Read This Summer

In this recent Switch and Shift article, our members share their suggestions for the best business books to read this summer.

YEC contributors: Mattan Griffel, One Month; Richard Lorenzen, Fifth Avenue Brands; Nick Braun, PetInsuranceQuotes; Joe Landon, Space Angels Network; Brandon Laughridge, PolicyZip; Nanxi Liu, Enplug; Jennifer Mellon, Trustify; Nick Akey, MakerSquare; Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now; Anthony Pezzotti, Knowzo.

How to Transition to a Culture of Accountability

Echidna, Inc CEO Adam Roozen recently wrote an article about living and working in a culture of accountability. He shares how experiences to equip you with the foresight to map a path to your own cultural revolution.

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