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YEC Featured as a Top Professional Organization for Millennials

YEC Featured as a Top Professional Organization for Millennials

Professional organizations are making a comeback. Last week, serial entrepreneur and YEC member John Rampton — who has experience with entrepreneurial organizations, having belonged to several — wrote in Entrepreneur about the resurgence of professional organizations for ambitious young leaders.

"The value millennials put on social capital is fueling the reemergence of younger professional organizations that bring quality to a space diluted by Facebook posts and constant, but distant, connections," says Rampton in the article.

The model YEC provides — focusing on mutually beneficial connections, carefully vetting its members and offering wallet-conscious benefits — appeals to millennials' desire to make real, valuable connections and grow their businesses through networking. As Rampton concludes, millennials are seeing the value of professional organizations, from learning opportunities to leadership development, to exclusive benefits and chances to give back.

"These groups have sparked a resurgence of professional organization because they are meeting the wants and needs of millennial professionals and business owners," he writes.

He calls out YEC along with FounderSociety, Summit Series and others as key examples of updated models of professional organizations that offer clear value to a millennial audience. Community is the new business essential, and being part of a professional organization of like-minded peers who you can help out — and who can help you in return — is rewarding for a generation who spends as much time on their computers as conversing face to face.

You can read the full article, and learn more about millennials rediscovering the benefits of joining professional organizations, here.

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