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YEC Members: How Your Support Staff Can Help With Your Membership

YEC Members: How Your Support Staff Can Help With Your Membership

Anything you can do to be more efficient, cut down on time and make the most of things, you want to do. That’s a key reason why you have support staff. I’m here to remind you that not only can they help you with all of the things they already do, but they can also be a great way to help you maximize your member benefits with us. Don’t let your membership fall by the wayside, and make sure you take advantage of every opportunity we have to offer you by involving your support team with your membership.

Share Your Staff's Contact Information

To get this up and running from the start, we ask upon joining our community that you share your personal assistant's and marketing/PR person's contact information. We get them on board right away, emailing them with a quick summary that you’ve joined the community and some easy ways they can help you get started with your membership. These communications with your support team will continue throughout your membership.

Have Your Staff Inform Us of Your Plans

Your assistant will be looped in to help with important items to keep your account up-to-date and functioning, as well as to keep you informed about new and existing benefits. They can help you by letting us know about your travel plans, conferences you’ll be attending and business services you might need. With this information, your community team can help curate a list of great fellow members for you to meet and/or to help solve your business challenges. Your assistant can also help you fill out your profile on the member dashboard and keep this updated. This is important, as your fellow members and community team use this information to help connect you with members as well as opportunities that may be relevant to you. Make sure they ensure your title, social media account information, bios and photo are all up-to-date!

Involve Your Staff in Media Opportunities

For your marketing/public relations contact, our team will keep them involved in your media opportunities available through as part of your membership. When you are featured online, we will include them in the communication, letting you know so that they can help you maximize the reach. We also remind them on the first Wednesday of every month when Q&As go live so that you don’t miss out on this quick and easy press opportunity. We’re happy to talk through other ways they can help maximize your membership as well.

If you would like to add a support staff person for either of these categories, update existing contact information or simply inquire about who is currently listed in these roles for you, just reach out to your concierge.

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