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Selling Your Business With Matthew Moisan

Selling Your Business With Matthew Moisan

In this video clip, Matthew Moisan, partner at Moisan Legal P.C., outlines three things to consider if you're thinking of exiting your business. First, you should evaluate what changed to make you not as passionate about your business anymore. The second thing to remember is that it's a business transaction, so don't get emotional. Finally, try to build the total package so that most of the value is already within the sale.

It's not necessarily exiting your business or creating a strategy to exit, but regaining that passion."

More about our expert: As a partner at Moisan Legal P.C., Matthew Moisan works closely with entrepreneurs and companies to help them recognize, mitigate and manage risk. He guides entrepreneurs through the legal complexities of mergers, acquisitions and related transactions as a fervent representative. Matthew also represents publicly and privately held companies in securities offerings and other types of business transactions, including private placements, corporate governance and SEC reporting. A collaborative and strategic counsel to his clients, Matthew has developed an impressive track record and has helped numerous business owners navigate their legal responsibilities with ease and confidence.

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