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9 Business Leaders Share Their Big Q2 Goals


9 Business Leaders Share Their Big Q2 Goals

What's your biggest driver or goal for Q2, and why should other business leaders consider making it theirs as well? 

Nine business leaders from the YEC community share and elaborate on their big Q2 goals.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering exceptional experiences at every touchpoint. Focusing on customer-centric strategies not only strengthens relationships but also drives business growth and profitability in the long term. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, businesses can differentiate themselves in competitive markets, build a loyal customer base, and ultimately drive sustainable success. Other business leaders should consider adopting this goal to align their organizations with evolving customer expectations, drive innovation, and maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape.

Andrew Saladino, Co-Founder, Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Improve Employee Engagement

My primary goal for Q2 is to enhance employee engagement and well-being. By prioritizing the welfare of our team members, we cultivate a positive work culture, boost productivity, and foster innovation. Other business leaders should consider this goal as it directly impacts overall company performance and employee retention. Investing in employee well-being demonstrates commitment to their success, leading to higher job satisfaction and loyalty. In turn, this contributes to achieving broader organizational objectives and long-term success in an increasingly competitive market.

Alfredo Atanacio, Co-Founder, Uassist.ME

Expand Video Content

Our primary goal is to expand our video content and YouTube presence. YouTube has one of the most generous algorithms in the world. It's trying to give the exact content its viewers want at the time they want it. So if you know your audience or customer base, you can expand your reach quickly even if you're relatively new to doing video. With the proliferation of AI-based content, expanding your brand's personality-based videos are a way to prove you're trustworthy, establish expertise, and meet your customers in a place where they're likely already spending significant time.

Sean Ogle, Founder, Breaking Eighty

Deepen Commitment To Environmental Sustainability

My biggest goal for Q2 is to deepen our commitment to environmental sustainability. We're focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and integrating eco-friendly practices into every aspect of our operations. This includes everything from minimizing waste in our offices to choosing sustainable suppliers. I believe this is crucial not only for the planet but also for building a brand that resonates with today's environmentally conscious consumers. Adopting sustainability can set us apart, foster customer loyalty, and potentially reduce costs through more efficient use of resources.

Bryce Welker, CEO, Accounting Institute of CPAs

Incorporate AI

Our biggest goal for Q2 is to incorporate more AI into our work process. We are finding that as we are increasing our AI usage, our efficiency is skyrocketing. By the end of Q2 we plan on having AI incorporated into 3 of our company departments.

Raymond Kishk, Owner, Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating

Increase Internet Visibility

My main goal for the second quarter is to increase our internet visibility through targeted digital marketing campaigns. I want to take advantage of the growing trend toward digital platforms by increasing our brand's visibility, connecting with more people, and boosting online engagement. We can future-proof our company, adjust to changing consumer behavior, and outperform the competition by concentrating on digital growth. In today's increasingly digital market, other business leaders would be well advised to prioritize digital expansion to fully realize its great potential for scalability, consumer reach, and long-term success.

Jared Weitz, Chief Executive Officer, United Capital Source Inc.

Expand Product Selection

Biggest goal for Q2 and beyond is expanding product selection. Take a minute to look at your business to see where you can expand or enhance your current product line. Is there anything that you can add that your current customer base already needs or uses with your products? 

Adding complementary products or product lines to your business can help smooth out revenue during slow periods and keep your business steady and your employees calm. Additionally, many complementary products can be added without huge investment, since you might be doing much of the work already in your existing product offering. 

Jordan Conrad, Founder and Publisher, Writing Explained

Acquire New Accounts

Our biggest goal for Q2 is to acquire at least three new accounts per month for the next three months, this being our sales goal for the whole team. This focuses on improving the number of qualified leads, correcting any inefficiencies in the sales cycle, and nurturing them more effectively using sales tools. Sales targets are a company's bread and butter, so ensuring a focused effort in improving user growth and a steady customer acquisition rate helps any business maximize profitability and grow sustainably. Setting team or individual sales goals also adds a sense of ownership and accomplishment, thus improving productivity.

Brian David Crane, Founder, Spread Great Ideas

Diversify Customer Base

Our first goal for Q2 is to diversify our customer base. As someone concerned about the macro environment getting worse in the coming months, I would highly recommend other business leaders to prioritize this to not find themselves in a situation where their business health is correlated to that of one (or few) of their customers’.

Our second goal for Q2 is to bring more intelligence into our engineering workflows and make development of new products more efficient. Improving support for code maintenance, debugging, and monitoring will allow our engineers to do uninterrupted deep work, and I encourage businesses, especially those looking to build new or challenging technology, to take a step back and prioritize making their engineering workflows more efficient.

Mohnish Chakravarti, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Rails

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