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8 Ways To Leverage Live Video Content To Build Brand


8 Ways To Leverage Live Video Content To Build Brand

Whether it's on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or elsewhere, what's one way an entrepreneur can leverage live video content to boost their brand following?

Below, YEC members share their personal success stories and tips for leveraging live video content.

Host AMAs

One effective way entrepreneurs can leverage live video content is by hosting interactive Q&A sessions or "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions. By directly engaging with their audience in real-time, entrepreneurs can build trust, credibility, and authenticity. Sharing personal success stories during these sessions can further resonate with viewers, offering valuable insights and inspiration. At Velvet Caviar, I've hosted countless live Q&A sessions where I share my entrepreneurial journey, answer audience questions, and provide advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. This not only strengthens our brand's connection with our audience but also attracts new followers seeking valuable content and authentic interactions.

Michelle Aran, Founder & CEO, Velvet Caviar

Create Explainer Videos

"Explainer Videos" that answer the top FAQs or address the most common misconceptions about your product/service can be particularly effective. They can eliminate purchase barrier for potential customers, and address pain points for existing customers. Working closely with your sales team and reviewing comments from your social media follower is a great way to identify the FAQs to address in your videos.Once you determine where you'll promote the videos, you'll need to identify the best practices for that platform to ensure proper formatting. It is also critical that your videos are SEO-optimized so they're easily found when a prospective customer searches the topic.

Samuel Saxton, Managing Partner, ConsumerRating.org

Repurpose Existing Blog Posts

One of the ways entrepreneurs can create consistent video content to boost their brand following is to use their existing blog posts and condense them down into bitesize videos.

Consider the main topics of each blog post, then either create a talking head video that's great for more casual networks, like Shorts for YouTube, or slideshow-style videos that are great for more business-headed social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Taylor Sloane, Co-founder, HelpDocs

Use AI

I used to find video content creation excessively time-consuming and hardly justifiable. Now that I can use AI to repurpose existing content, the process is now much more efficient and has become a regular part of my team's strategy. This approach gives one longer piece of content multiple short versions, allowing for impact across various platforms with significantly less effort. It's a super simple way to maximize reach and engagement.

David Hunter, CEO, Epic Web Studios

Blend Entertainment With Commerce

I read about Kiehl's strategy on how they expertly executed their live video strategy, engaging customers with a pre-event promotional campaign. Utilizing targeted ads and interactive website features, they created anticipation similar to a premiere event. They were giving out exclusive offers and free consultations to the attendees. This resulted in getting a 8X return on their ad spend and helped boost their brand's presence. This was a perfect demonstration how you can blend entertainment with commerce. This helped in creating an environment that not only grabbed their viewers attention but also converted them to loyal brand followers.

Benjamin Rojas, Co-Founder, All in One SEO

Conduct Live Interviews

I'm in the adventure travel business and have used Facebook and Instagram Live for years to engage with our community. I've done live interviews with our tour guides, gone live from exotic destinations like Bali or Machu Picchu, and gone direct to our customers to answer questions about new products. Our competitors are big corporations, so being personable has been highly effective. People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust, and live video has allowed us to build that rapport with people for years.

Matt Wilson, CEO, Under30Experiences

Collaborate With Influencers

I was featured in a mini-interview video by a very notable social media influencer. The content had no sales pitch, but was entertaining to a broad audience. The video garnered millions of views across all the major platforms, driving our website traffic to the highest in company history. This not only helped build broad awareness around our company, but also improved our SEO due to the increase in users landing on our site.

Nanxi Liu, CEO, Blaze

Address Trending Topics

No matter the platform, one of the best ways entrepreneurs can generate traction and boost their brand's following is by ensuring that their live video content is around the latest and top-trending topics. These are the things that people are already searching for and talking about. So, creating content around such topics will get you more eyeballs and generate awareness about your brand. So, always be on the lookout for things that are the talk of the town. However, just ensure that the topics you create content around resonate with your niche and are relevant.

Stephanie Wells, Co-founder and CTO, Formidable Forms

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