YEC Beyond the Horizon

Shifting from Great Resignation to Great Reengagement

Hosted by Beyond the Horizon Series Host Amber Anderson with Danny Beckett Jr, Rocki Howard, Boris Rozman.


Fellow member Amber Anderson, CEO & Founder of Tote + Pears, invited Boris Rozman, Founder & CEO, at Career Matching Platform, Danny Beckett Jr, Founder & CEO of, and Rocki Howard, Chief People, and Equity Officer, at The Mom Project for a roundtable discussion around The Great Resignation. 

Last year, 25% of American workers quit their jobs, including 4.4 million in September alone. Data shows that 40% of employees quit due to burnout and 20% quit due to a lack of flexibility, instances of discrimination, and contributions and ideas not being valued.
There are a record 9.2 million job openings, but employers are having a tough time finding top talent to fill these roles. Our panelist provided their perspective on what's going on in the market, and what organizations should be doing to attract and retain excellent talent in these unprecedented times.

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