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Boris Rozman

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Career Matching Platform

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Life-long entrepreneur currently working on innovation of experience and hiring efficiency in job market industry.


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Career Matching Platform

A new generation of AI real-time technology which connects talent and real jobs in real-time with an unparalleled level of precision. The platform receives real open jobs (not postings or ads) from HR Applicant Tracking Systems and instantly finds the best source of talent by targeting over 100 million job seekers through thousands of integrated channels. Using a patented next gen parsing, matching and tracking technology CMP is able to deliver the right jobs to the right people faster than anyone else. Since it's MVP launch less than a year ago the platform has grown to over 1 million live open jobs and 10 million active users, proving that this solution was badly needed in the online job market space. Career Matching is the first platform in the world to fully adopt JSON HR consortium standard for parsing structured job and resume data, improving job-talent matching capability by 10-100X. What was considered by many as overkill will prove to be essential in the job market of tomorrow. Natural partners are Recruiting Advertising Agencies and MSPs that have an appetite for large volume of high quality job seeker traffic (on CPC or CPA basis), at an industry leading KPI for CPA (Cost Per Applicant) or CPH (Cost per Hire). We also welcome symbiotic technical integration partnerships with software systems such as ATS, HR management, PEOs, various Hiring and Job Advertising solutions. In other words we welcome a conversation with any system or company that has 1000+ real jobs and can derive value from the best incoming job seekers.


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