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Amber Anderson (she/her/hers) is a mother and wife. She is also a creative, strategist and co-founder of Tote + Pears, the agency that designs and markets products, services and experiences for women and their families. Amber helps businesses and brands connect with women authentically by highlighting the multidimensional experiences that shape their identities. Her intersectional approach to product development and marketing, which she calls The Tote + Pears Way, has helped businesses of all sizes — from startups to enterprises — address market challenges, launch new products and services, and adapt to changing markets by bringing their customers into sharper focus. After the premature birth of her son, Amber re-evaluated the pressures put on working parents and invested in creating space for families to thrive, together. In 2016, she and her husband, Kai-Saun, co-founded MORE, an innovative community dedicated to helping working parents enjoy both family and professional life. She is the host of The Tote and Pears Podcast and The New MORE Podcast and a frequent contributor to the American Express Blog.

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Seven Tips These Entrepreneurs Have For Fellow Women Entering The Tech Industry

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Whether it's starting her own tech company or taking on her first tech role as a professional, a woman entering the tech industry can face unique challenges in this traditionally male-dominated field. Not being heard or taken seriously paired with a lack of other women to connect with or look up to can feed into feelings of self-doubt or encourage imposter syndrome—which can ultimately lead women to leaving tech altogether.  In order to succeed, it’s important to stay confident in yourself and your abilities. Below, several women business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council draw on their own experiences facing adversity to share the advice they'd give to any young woman beginning her career in tech and why.


Learn how to build an authentic and memorable personal brand that grows your influence and personal network while extending the reach of your company.

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In every career, there are things to be thankful for—things like meaningful moments with co-workers, the opportunity to learn and personal growth that can put the challenges and difficulties in perspective and help you find a renewed sense of purpose at work. Reflecting on their careers and business journeys, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council each have their own moments to be thankful for. Below, nine of them shared what they appreciate most about their careers thus far and highlighted the lessons they’ve learned that can help other leaders succeed.

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Every business that's been created was built by the entrepreneur taking some sort of risk. Some risks are obvious, such as taking out a large loan from a family member. Others are more subtle and harder to recognize as they're happening. As an entrepreneur, you may be taking risks right now that you don't even realize. To help you recognize and prepare for those risks, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council described some of the risks they unknowingly took when they first started their business journeys and how their experiences have shaped where they are today.

8 Facts You Need to Know Before Launching a Business

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Starting a business is one of the most challenging career moves you can make, but knowing some important facts beforehand can help. No aspiring entrepreneur has all the information they need to start a business upfront. Many lessons about startup life are learned through experience, and you can't and won't know everything in advance. However, it can help to have some insights and advice from those who have been there before. To help prepare you for the journey of entrepreneurship, a group of successful business leaders each shared the one fact they believe every startup owner should know prior to launch day. Take their lessons to heart if you're planning to start your own company.

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In a world filled with uncertainties, businesses want to be able to rely on customer loyalty. Many businesses know they wouldn’t be successful without their customers, but they may not be sure how to best thank them for their loyalty. To retain customers, it’s important to find effective ways to thank them for their business. That's why 10 Young Entrepreneur Council members shared their favorite unique ways to thank loyal members of your brand community. Follow their recommendations and make your customer's day.

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Tote + Pears is a female-focused branding agency that designs products, services and experiences for women and their families. Women are multi-dimensional. We represent a wide spectrum of cultures, ages, races, and sexual orientations, and we all walk different paths. This can make us a dynamic and complex group to serve, but finding the intersection of these identities is where the opportunity lies — and that's why Tote + Pears is here.


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