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YEC Reads: Upwork Saved My Life by Adam Palmer

YEC Reads: Upwork Saved My Life by Adam Palmer

Welcome to "YEC Reads," a series presenting business books for entrepreneurs authored by members of YEC. Today's pick:

Upwork Saved My Life

by Adam Palmer

March 15, 2022

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Our Take:

In Upwork Saved My Life, YEC member Adam Palmer shares his story of overcoming financial challenges by freelancing on Upwork and presents a guide to get help others get set up and create a lucrative freelancing career.

About This Book:

This book will help teach you how to generate money from your computer by harnessing your skills and talents that are valuable on the Upwork talent marketplace.

With hundreds of thousands of businesses looking for skilled people to work with, it's easier than you think to link up and earn an incredible income. Plus you can grow your skills and learn by earning.

As long as you have power and internet, you have the ability to tap in one of the greatest networks of work that's ever existed. Clients only go onto Upwork for one thing. Work. So if you can position yourself as someone that can be useful, there will be clients begging to work with you.

In this book we will go through all of the strategies that great freelancers use to turn gig work into real careers that can generate a massive income, while allowing you the luxury to work from anywhere.

About the Author:

YEC member Adam Palmer is a partner at AutomateScale, an agency that comprises the best people in the business to automate and scale businesses, as well as the founder and former CEO of Food for Thought and a restaurant co-owner.

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