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YEC Members Share Lessons on Healthy Hiring Considerations

YEC Members Share Lessons on Healthy Hiring Considerations

YEC members are experts in many fields. From technology to food innovation, they’ve started successful and forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries and gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of starting and sustaining a business. This week, our members offer insight on the various hiring considerations in the startup space.

Five Reasons It's Time To Hire An HR Professional

In her latest Forbes article, YEC member Marjorie Adams discusses the importance of hiring a Human Resources specialist to any growing startup. She writes, "Employees are the lifeline of any business; we all know that one bad hire can damage your team and your brand. The only way we could grow, prevent turnover and recruit new employees was to bring in someone who not only knew employment law and best practices but could advise us in a number of other HR-related areas."

10 Solutions for Payroll That Will Make Your Life Easier

We recently asked our members to share which payroll platforms have helped them streamline the payroll process for their business. One member writes, "When looking for a brand new platform for any facet of our company, we always tend to look for those that bundle multiple assets into one system.

YEC contributors: Torrey TayenakaSparkhouseTravis SmithV.I.P. Waste Services, LLCMitch GordonGo OverseasKim KaupeZinePakPiyush JainSIMpalmAndrew SchrageMoney Crashers Personal FinanceRachel RodgersRachel Rodgers Law OfficeMiles JenningsRecruiter.comVladimir GendelmanCompany Folders, IncBrandon Stapper858 Graphics.

Five Considerations For Business Owners Looking To Build A Location-Independent Team

Bolton Remote co-founder and CEO Patrick Linton understands the benefits of offshore talent. In his latest Forbes article he writes, "The era of location independence in the workforce is transforming how businesses are built and how they manage their workforce. Companies that are not constrained by proximity concerns can flourish by embracing this next phase in the death of distance."

9 Best Places (On or Offline) to Find Temp Staff for Your Business

In business, some tasks require only a few hours of someone’s undivided attention every so often. That's why we asked our members to share their favorite place to find hourly part-time or temporary staff.

YEC contributors: Joel ButterlyInGenius PrepAaron SchwartzModifyJayna CookeEVENTupPiyush JainSIMpalmCynthia JohnsonAmerican Addiction CentersMiles JenningsRecruiter.comHenry GlucroftHenry’s / AirdropAdam SteeleThe Magistrate.

5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Consultant

As a startup grows and changes, it's not uncommon for leaders to constantly shifting their goals and needs. In this Inc piece, YEC member Zach Binder understands that when your business needs a specialized skill that your team lacks, it's not always necessary to bring someone on board full-time. Read his advice here.

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