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Perfecting Your Sales Language With Codie Sanchez

Perfecting Your Sales Language With Codie Sanchez

In this video clip, Codie Sanchez, speaker, entrepreneur, investor and CEO of www.CodieSanchez.com, explains the importance of word choice in sales. You don't just want to ask if a consumer would buy your product, but how they would buy it and why. If you understand this, you know how to target them. During the sales pitch, shut up and listen to what they have to say, as well as what their body language is saying. Focus on telling a story instead of selling to them.

"So there are all these really interesting ways to say essentially the same thing, but tweak them and use them in a very specific manner."

More about our expert: Codie Sanchez has been: a Latina journalist covering human trafficking in Mexico, a finance exec running an international investment division for First Trust Portfolios, a speaker talking to hundreds, a podcast host on The Struggle Isn't Real and a startup CEO on the Today Show. When she isn't presenting to pensions or government and sovereign wealth funds, she's running one of her startups, consulting with the companies she angel invests in, advocating for the next generation of women and Latinos in business or running her motivational and business-building company at codiesanchez.com.

She has been featured in Fast Company, People en Español, Huffington Post, Business Wire, Telemundo and Univision. She brings ideas in tech and innovation to Corporate America, and to entrepreneurs and fellow strivers across the country. She has a masters from Georgetown University, and ESADE, a MBA from FGV and a BA from Arizona State University. She believes if we can increase the number of diverse individuals and minorities in positions of power we will have a healthier society and greater equality.

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