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Managing Incentives With Dr. Steven Lee

Managing Incentives With Dr. Steven Lee

In this video clip, Dr. Steven Lee, founder and CSO of Opternative, offers advice for founders on balancing the incentives of everyone in the company, from your team to your board of directors to your investors. Ensure that the incentives of each group are aligned and that you can do well for all of them. This is one of the biggest challenges founders face because incentives will not always be precisely aligned, but you can get them to compromise by understanding what everyone wants and needs.

"Do your best as a founder to understand what people really need and want."

More about our expert: Dr. Steven Lee has a background in engineering, as well as a keen interest in optics. Before starting Opternative, he was in clinical practice from 2007-2013. During that time, he focused on the areas of difficult contact lens fittings, ocular disease treatment and dry eye management. In addition to seeing patients in the past, Steven has taught ophthalmology students the basics of clinical refraction and the systematic approach to contact lens fittings. He has managed numerous surgical cases and was previously a reviewer for the Council on Optometric Practitioner Education, as well as a researcher and clinical investigator for the Global Revitalens Experience and Acceptance Trial.

He recently gave a TEDx talk outlining his journey to make vision care accessible to the entire world, which can be seen here. Dr. Lee loves thinking outside of the box and enjoys creating solutions to problems that people never thought were possible to solve.

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