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Local Online Marketing Tactics That Drive Franchise Success

Local Online Marketing Tactics That Drive Franchise Success

Shay Berman is the founder and president of Digital Resource, a 6X Inc. 5000-ranked full-service digital marketing agency.

In the hustle of today's franchise world, nailing your local online marketing game is key. I've seen firsthand how the right digital tactics can make or break a franchise's local presence. 

From local SEO secrets to social media hacks, I'm diving into the strategies that really work to put your franchise on the map. Let's get real about making your local franchise a digital powerhouse. 

Tactic 1: Master Local SEO Like a Pro 

Okay, let's dive deep into local SEO because this is where the real magic starts to happen. You may be wondering how SEO works for franchisees when most franchise sites are kept by the franchisor.  

I've seen how a solid local SEO game can turn a franchise into a community favorite. It's more than just being on local listings, like Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business); it's about fully optimizing your profiles. 

Start by loading up local listings with as much value as possible—your services, unique local offerings, and operating hours. 

Next, get on top of those customer reviews. They're like gold for boosting your local rep. Encourage reviews, engage with them, and use that feedback to improve. 

Keywords are your next best friends. In fact, Google has started showing TikToks in featured snippets. Sprinkle local-specific terms throughout your social posts. Think of them as digital signposts guiding local traffic straight to you.  

Tactic 2: Use Social Media to Engage Your Local Community 

So, you've nailed local SEO. Next up, let’s deep dive into social media, your franchise's window to the local world. My strategy here is simple yet powerful—create buzz by connecting. 

Share local stories, celebrate community heroes, and spotlight your team. Run local contests, share special promotions, and, most importantly, engage genuinely with comments and messages. 

Social media is a two-way street. It’s about building relationships, not just broadcasting messages. And here’s a pro tip: use local hashtags and geo-tags to boost visibility in your area

Retail TouchPoints highlighted that 76% of users surveyed bought a product based on a brand’s social media post. So, remember, in the dynamic world of social media, it’s all about being authentic, engaging, and truly part of the local scene. 

Tactic 3: Leverage Local Influencers for Authentic Engagement 

Moving from the broad reach of social media, it's time to hone in on the power of local influencers.  

Working with influencers with a strong local following can boost your franchise's visibility in ways traditional marketing can't. It's about tapping into their audience, who trust and value their recommendations. 

The key here is to partner with influencers who align with your brand values and genuinely resonate with your local community. Whether it's a famous food blogger, a respected community leader, or a local fitness guru, these partnerships should feel natural, not forced. 

Remember, it’s not just about paying for a post; it’s about creating a relationship. Engage with these influencers in community events, co-create content featuring your brand and the local flavor, and let their genuine love for your franchise shine through. This approach not only enhances your local presence but also deepens your roots in the community. 

Tactic 4: Use Hyper-Local Targeting in Ads 

After harnessing the power of local influencers, it’s crucial to complement that organic reach with hyper-local advertising. This tactic is all about precision. 

Using platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, you can direct your message to the exact demographic and geographic audience you want to reach. 

Consider how long the average customer would drive to get to your location. Then, tailor your ads by leveraging what motivates them, timely local events, or any local trends you can tap into.  

A study conducted by Appia even found that tailoring ads to local languages significantly outperformed their English counterparts, achieving 86% higher click-through and conversion rates. So, if you’re located in a city with a large Spanish-speaking population, like Miami, give it a try! 

The beauty of this approach is how clearly you can measure impact. Make sure your ad campaigns are integrated with your CRM for easy lead and ROI tracking. 

This isn’t just throwing your net wide and hoping for the best; it's strategic, targeted marketing that puts your franchise right in front of the people most likely to walk through your doors.  

Tactic 5: Stay Agile 

Following the precision of targeted advertising, agility in your digital strategy is vital. The digital landscape shifts constantly and staying agile is more than just keeping pace—innovating and setting the trend.  

  • Regularly Review Your Strategies: From local directory listing efforts to social media campaigns, frequent reviews ensure you're still on target. If something isn't working, don't be afraid to pivot. 
  • Be Open to New Platforms: If there's a buzz around a new social media platform gaining local traction, don't hesitate to establish your franchise's presence there. Being an early adopter can set you apart. 
  • Experiment with Content: Variety is the spice of life, and it's true for digital content, too. Mix up your posts with different formats and styles to see what clicks with your audience. 

Staying agile is about being proactive, not just reactive. It’s a commitment to learning and evolving alongside your community. This mindset ensures your franchise isn't just following digital marketing trends but actively shaping them. 

What Tactics Will You Try? 

In wrapping up, this journey through local online marketing tactics isn't just about strategies; it's about building a dynamic, responsive presence that resonates locally. Each tactic is a step toward making your franchise visible and vital in your community. 

I've seen the power of a well-crafted digital approach. It's about being present, authentic, and, most importantly, part of the community you serve. So, take these tactics, make them your own, and watch your franchise thrive in the digital age. 

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