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Designing a Creative Work Environment With Beck Bamberger

Designing a Creative Work Environment With Beck Bamberger

In this video clip, Beck Bamberger, founder of BAM Communications, describes her office decor and how it inspires creativity on her team. Rather than working in a typical office setting with white walls and whiteboards, BAM Communications' decor is creative and artistic. Workplace decor can make the office a place where team members want to hang out and are inspired to get work done.

"I want to show up to this place, not just to hang out with the team and such, but to actually get work done and be inspired to get work done."

More about our expert: Beck Bamberger founded BAM Communications in 2007 and has since founded three other businesses, Bite San Diego, Nosh Las Vegas and Pangea Pal. In 2011, she won an Emmy for on-camera hosting in a talk show format for her show, Next 500. She is currently a board member of Gen-Next, a marketing domain expert with CONNECT's SDSI organization and a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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