Women in Leadership: How We All Can Empower + Be an Ally 

Hosted by Amy Stellhorn and Dr. Susan R. Madsen



This week we invited Dr. Susan R. Madsen, Founder & Director at Utah Women in Leadership Project, and fellow member Amy Stellhorn, Founder & CEO at Big Monocle, to lead a discussion about women in leadership. 

Dr. Madsen has an extensive background in women's leadership development and research. She shared research-based tools and insights on how we all can empower and be allies to women. Members learned the most effective strategies men can use to be allies to women and why more women must lead in business and their communities.

Check out key insights below. 

  • Women ask different questions and bring different experiences. They also are more conscious of nonverbal cues. 
  • Women in leadership often have to figure out how to behave appropriately in their gender role. 
  • Men are a crucial part in terms of allyship. They have to engage in the conversation to get the needle moving to create a dialog around appointing women in leadership roles. 
  • Men should create safe spaces for open conversations by holding other men accountable while publicly prioritizing their personal lives to support the women's journey.
  • Participate in unconscious bias workshops, and engage in difficult conversations around these topics to learn and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, disregarding the zero-sum mentality.
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