Revolutionize Your Retirement: Secure Your Future with Innovative Tax-Efficient Options

YEC Women Member Leader Meeky Hwang 

with Maria Puche


YEC Women Entrepreneurs Member Leader, Meeky Hwang was joined by guest speaker Maria Puche, Co-founder at Wealth Armor. Maria hosted a discussion on how to revolutionize your retirement. Together with members, Maria discovered the time-tested secrets leveraged by the wealthiest individuals for centuries that are now available to us all. This event unveiled the pieces to wealth-building that are most overlooked. Some key takeaways are below.

  • How to use indexed-linked life insurance as a way to diversify your portfolio and add tax efficiencies
  • How you can leverage financial instruments to finance other income-producing assets
  • Why long term care is an important topic to discuss with our families and what financial instruments exist to plan for the future

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