YEC Podcasting 

Marketing and Monetizing a Podcast

Hosted by YEC Podcasting Member Leader, Ash Kumra

with Adam Mendler and Kate Hancock


Member Leader, Ash Kumra kicked off our very first YEC Podcasting event: Marketing  and Monetizing a Podcast. Ash was joined by guest speakers, Kate Hancock and Adam Mendler. Together they discussed what it takes to make a podcast successful, how to find and connect with your listeners and how to overcome some of the most common challenges podcasters face. Some key takeaways from the event are below.
  • In order to attract people to your podcast, you need to create something that people want to be a part of.
  • You need to put yourself there, create an experience, create a brand, create something that will resonate.
  • Be known for your niche and be true to your style.

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