Lessons from the Ground Up
with Rachel Nilsson

Hosted by YEC Women Entrepreneurs Chair Amy Stellhorn  


Your YEC Women Entrepreneurs chair Amy Stellhorn invited Rachel Nilsson, CEO and Founder of RAGS to Raches, to lead this month's discussion. 

Rachel Nilsson joined us to share front row insights on her journey from her sewing room to Shark Tank to nationwide Nordstrom distribution. With RAGS, Rachel has captured the attention of influencers, celebrities, and moms everywhere. RAGS has launched nationally in Nordstrom stores and has partnerships and deals with Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel. The brand thrives with over half a million social followers, 16 thousand VIP members, and 12,000 five-star reviews. Her customers are obsessed – and Rachel has built a community that is the gold standard for brand building.

Check out key insights from this discussion by watching the video above. 

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