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Why Diversity Posts Aren’t Enough: Additional Ways You Can Make An Impact

Speaker Series - July 1, 2020


Mylena Sutton joined our Speaker Series to share perspectives on how companies and leaders can make a meaningful impact in addressing inequality.

  • Learn why you need to examine your company's culture and honestly assess what diversity and inclusion means to your organization
  • Understand how creating "avatars" of the types of employees who succeed and who fail in an organization may reveal if diversity and inclusion is a priority
  • Realize the importance defining and communicating your culture, in order to explicitly create an environment where open, honest conversation around difficult issues can take place
  • See examples of impactful things that businesses and leaders can do to advance equality and inclusion

About Our Speaker


Mylena Sutton is the principal consultant at Voltage Vista LLC where she provides training and consultation on the 3 C's for organizations: culture, conflict, and compliance. She helps leaders and teams have difficult conversations, particularly those involving accountability, change, and diversity.  Sutton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Georgia, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Kansas, various certifications, and hates boring, mindless training as much as you do!




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