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Speaker Series: Finnian Kelly on Protecting Your Personal Finances

May 8, 2020


The last few months have been a time of great financial anxiety for us all. We've had to reexamine professional and personal priorities and make difficult decisions with how we allocate financial resources.


Having an intentional relationship with money allows you to make these tough choices with a sense of confidence and purpose. This philosophy of "Financial Happiness" creates a sense of peace, purpose, and power, even through difficult times. Finnian Kelly will share tips on how to reach this state with your money, so you can make more purposeful decisions in the weeks and months ahead.


Finnian Kelly is the leading expert on how to have a healthy relationship with money and live an intentional life. Through his global retreats and his award-winning community, Wealth Enhancers, Finn has led hundreds of thousands of business leaders to improve their relationship with their finances and lead more purposeful lives in the process. Finn has spoken worldwide about his method and how his first career as an Army Officer, leading teams of up to 100 soldiers, taught him about what really matters in life and in finances.

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