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Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias: An Honest Look Inward

Speaker Series - September 2, 2020


Dr. James Pogue, Ph.D. joined our speaker series to share how organizations can measure their success with diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias (DIBs) efforts.

  • Understand how to evaluate the success of your company, your team, and yourself in terms of diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias efforts.
  • Learn the difference between unconscious bias and implicit bias and how organizations can transition to conscious inclusion.
  • Learn how leaders lean into difficult conversations and create trust by focusing on authenticity, empathy, and rationality.
  • See how taking action — or not taking action — can be reflective of biases or racism.

This event was presented by Dell for Entrepreneurs. Learn more about the YEC technology concierge powered by Dell.


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About Our Speaker


James Pogue is an expert on unconscious bias, as well as an entrepreneur, national champion martial artist, musician, and military veteran. His talks “translate” the words and actions of colleagues, team members, leaders, and executives into a common language we can all understand.


James received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona and completed post-doctoral training in Harvard University’s management development program. He has researched and presented on organizational behavior, human development, psychosocial theory, multi-generational intelligence, unconscious bias, diversity, and inclusion for over 20 years.


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