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6 Habits Successful Women Business Leaders Have


6 Habits Successful Women Business Leaders Have

What is one habit you have that you feel helps make you so successful as a woman business leader and entrepreneur? Why should other women leaders cultivate it?

Here is what women leaders from the YEC community had to say. 


I attribute a significant part of my success to the habit of giving, focusing on being transformational in relationships, not transactional. In every interaction, I strive to add value through an introduction, a resource, or a referral. This starts with asking the question, "What can be helpful right now?" This habit is about building a culture of support and collaboration that is paid forward.

Rebecca Cafiero, CEO + Founder, The Pitch Club


As a woman and a mom, one habit that I've found helpful in my journey as a business leader and entrepreneur is delegation. At one point, I felt the pressure to do everything. I was always exhausted. By delegating tasks like laundry, admin work, and childcare, I found balance. More time for family and business without exhaustion. Delegation prioritizes tasks and boosts personal and business growth.

Givona Sandiford, CEO, Melospeech, Inc.


Start each morning with intentional reflection and visualization. Before diving into the frenzy of the day, I take 10-15 minutes to meditate, writing down goals, aspirations and affirmations in my journal. Visualizing my definition of success grounds me with purposeful direction.

Nicole Smartt Serres, Founder, Smartt Enterprises


I've made it a habit to support fellow women business leaders, which has helped me become a better leader in the process. From connecting great women together by hosting a lunch to going on group hikes together, I've found that it that having a strong community around me makes celebrating the wins together more meaning and lowers the stress during difficult times.

Nanxi Liu, CEO, Blaze

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning and self-improvement contribute to my success. By dedicating time to expanding my knowledge, skills, I stay ahead of trends, adapt to changes, and bring new solutions to my business. Other women leaders should cultivate this habit because it enhances their decision-making capabilities, inspires their teams, and sets an example of growth-minded leadership.

Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Founder and Creative Director, Marquet Media, LLC

Never Give Up

What makes me a successful business leader and an entrepreneur is my never-give-up attitude. Being a successful entrepreneur isn't easy. You may come across failure multiple times, and things may not always be in your favor. Being persistent is the key to success here. No matter how many challenges you face or how many times you fail, you should always get back up and keep moving forward.

Stephanie Wells, Co-founder and CTO, Formidable Forms


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