YEC Beyond The Horizon
What will Finance the Future?

Hosted by Beyond the Horizon Series Host Amber Anderson with Lane Campbell, Matthew J. Moisan, Brandon Ginsberg.


Fellow member Amber Anderson, CEO & Founder of Tote + Pears, invited Lane Campbell, Principal at Bitcoin Advisors, Matthew Moisan, ECVC attorney at Crowell & Moring LLP, and Brandon Ginsberg, CEO at ApparelMagic, for an interactive discussion around Blockchain technology and how it's disrupting almost every industry. Lane provided the group with a Blockchain overview, Matthew provided insights around the legal and compliance aspects, and Brandon closed the discussion with an NFT overview.

Check out key insights and resources from our speakers below!

  • Blockchain is considered decentralized; you're responsible for what happens if it is hacked.
  • Smart contracts are simply terms of agreements on a blockchain that run when purchasing an NFT.
  • NFTs prove you have ownership rights to a digital product.
  • There's a list of rules associated with buying and selling something handled by smart contracts. If you're selling an NFT, you're dealt an encryption key called tokens.
  • Art is just the first mainstream way NFTs are being used. Fashion, collectibles, music, gaming are up and coming.
  • DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) organizes people and their interests on the internet using the blockchain
  • Each state is creating its own rules and laws around blockchain. There aren't any centralized mandates yet. has some excellent references:

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