A Woman's Voice: Center Stage

Hosted by YEC Speakers Chair Arel Moodie

with Jessica Lundy, Brittany Hodak, Amber Anderson, Melissa Ruiz.

Fellow member and YEC Speakers chair, Arel Moodie invited Amber Anderson, Brittany Hodak, Jessica Lundy, and Mellisa Ruiz to share overlooked insights that affect a woman's experience across industries. Members learn areas for improvement, how women can better be supported, and the importance of representation.

Check out some key takeaways below.

  • Hiring and listening to people that look and think like you are a disservice to you and your business. Looking different from most other speakers does not mean it’s a bad thing. More people are interested in what you have to say because you don't look like everyone else. What people see is a fresh perspective. 

  • Female Speaker Title: Women know that they are identified as a woman, CEO, and Speaker. That may get you the gig, but make sure that it is not what gets you the gig the second time around. We should not include identifiers that might belittle someone's value.

  • 1 out of 5 women have experienced or been a part of attempted rape. Often, women hide in plain sight because they don't feel comfortable speaking about it. Women should feel more empowered to speak up about being uncomfortable. One way to combat feeling unsafe is by bringing someone with you and absorbing that cost because safety is worth it.

  • Set boundaries and negotiate all expectations into the job scope and contract. When asked to contribute to extra meetings, you don't have to stay longer, and you don't have to say yes. 

  • Work to understand and think outside your network to bring new thoughts and value to events. Diversity adds another layer to the conversation and brings value from a fresh perspective. 

  • Be aware of boundaries that impact your relationships.

  • Define your brand and stick to it.  Be who you are, and know what you bring to the table.