Learn How to Get Your Story Straight

Hosted by  YEC Speakers Member Leader Arel Moodie
with Michael Margolis, STORIED


Fellow member and YEC Speakers chair, Arel Moodie invited Michael Margolis to discuss how to get your story straight. Michael shared the secrets of high performance idea-adoption so you can better inspire, influence, and persuade.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the difference between a "Narrative" and a "Story" and why your company needs a Narrative
  • How finding the right narrative for one of Michael's clients created over $6 billion in directed dollars
  • The 3 step framework to create your on Strategic Narrative for your business
  • How to use this narrative to get your internal team on the same page and then your clients
  • How to use narratives as a way to guide the way others think about you
  • How the power of properly using conviction and curiosity drive a powerful story

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