YEC Stocks & Crypto


Hosted by YEC Stocks & Crypto Chair Erik Knight


Your YEC Stocks & Crypto chair Erik Knight kicked off this month's call by recapping what's currently happening in the market. He opened the discussion by allowing the group to share new learnings and more. 

Check out key insights from the session below. 

  • Small businesses are hurting most in terms of economic pressures and employee retention.
  • The Fear Index continues to stay extremely high.
  • The projection for markets is they will suffer come Fall.
  • The mortgage industry is being hit by large amounts of layoffs from major banks. Wells Fargo, the largest generator of home loans, has announced cuts in response to sliding mortgage volumes.
  • Similar to the 2008 recession, high end homes are beginning to drop in value.
  • The economy is slowing down but is hiring following suit? Large businesses are overpaying for talent and offering remote work which continues to outbid smaller companies.
    • How does this impact markets? Many new hires will be the first to be cut in response to a recession. 
  • Bonds have been hit hard and remain high while stocks are at a 52 week low.

Check out more by watching the video above!

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