YEC Stocks & Crypto

Hosted by YEC Stocks & Crypto Chair Erik Knight


Your YEC Stocks & Crypto chair Erik Knight kicked off this month's call by recapping what's currently happening in the market. He opened the discussion by allowing the group to share new learnings and more. 

Check out key insights from the session below. 

  • Federal Reserve is in control of all of our currency. 

  • Eight days ago, the 10/2 curve has flipped. Historically, after it flips, recessions can occur within the next three months.

  • The fear and greed index is up. Last month the fear was the highest it had been in quite some time.  

  • What does the yield curve tell us right now? A definition of a recession is constantly evolving. With trading, the pace at which you can trade has increased so much that the yield curve may not be as reliable as it used to be. 

  • Speaking at varying press conferences and public conversations changes the market in hours due to the pace at which information is shared. The movement of information and communication impacts the market faster than ever before.

  • NFTs are now a part of a diversified portfolio. Lots of art is coming around that is a component of various brands. Brands are strategically creating content for the quarterly or annual reports. 

  • Gold is not performing right now like it usually does.

  • Metaverse will impact stocks and trading

Check out more by watching the video above!

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