YEC Stocks & Crypto

Hosted by YEC Stocks & Crypto Chair Erik Knight


Your YEC Stocks & Crypto chair, Erik Knight, invited fellow member Phil Laboon to discuss how to best leverage Polkadot Crypto Auctions.

Phil provided our members with insights on how to best leverage Polkadot Crypto Auctions to obtain vetted pre-ICO low market cap coins that are about to enter the Dotsama ecosystem via auctions. Check out some key takeaways below. 

What makes DOT so different than any other crypto is:

1. This is NOT a currency; this is investing in actual emerging blockchain technology.

2. If done correctly, there is 0% chance of losing your Polkadot tokens. You will never lose possession of your polkadot tokens from your wallet.

3. Polkadot is the first successful layer zero blockchain, quickly becoming the first “internet of blockchains.”

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