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Nicole Serres is the President of Star Staffing, a women-owned staffing & workforce solutions company in Northern California. She is the best-selling author of From Receptionist to Boss: Real-Life Advice for Getting Ahead at Work.


April 1st, 2021

Seven Ways To Promote Effective Cross-Departmental Communication

When you're running an organization, communication breakdowns can lead to severe efficiency and productivity problems. While smaller teams may be able to quickly deal with the difficulties of communication inefficiency, this problem becomes harder to solve as the business grows and evolves.

March 11th, 2021

Seven Steps To Take When You Notice A Top Employee Is Off Their Game

Sometimes, even employees who have a track record of excellent work can have bad days. But when bad days become bad weeks or even months, leaders should take the time to investigate. However, because it could be a sensitive situation, it may be best to take it slow and follow a few key steps.


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