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Michelle Aranbayev has transformed her e-commerce company into a mobile accessory giant and understands what it takes to succeed today.

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Feb 28, 2024

expert panel

Feb 28, 2024

15 Tips For Fostering Healthy Disagreements At Work

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While many people try to avoid arguments at work, constructive disagreements can often lead to creative solutions. Left unchecked, however, these discussions can quickly head in an unhealthy direction and foster a negative atmosphere. To build a culture of innovation and open communication, leaders must foster healthy disagreements among their teams while ensuring things don't get out of hand. Below, 15 members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their tried-and-true tips for encouraging constructive disagreements in the workplace.

15 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Company's Software Stack

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A company's software stack is the backbone of its operations, efficiency and ability to compete. However, staying on top of what's new or needed when it comes to the tools you use can be a challenge. So how can you tell when it's time to upgrade or change your company's software stack? To help business leaders answer this question, 15 members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss the telltale signs your business may need a software upgrade as well as the challenges businesses often face in making those upgrades. Follow their recommendations to help you make informed decisions about implementing new software for your own company.

10 Tips For Supporting Managers And Reducing High Employee Turnover

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It's often said that employees don't leave bad jobs—they leave bad managers. In this way, if you’re a business leader whose company is suddenly experiencing high turnover, taking a look at your managers and their performance may be a safe place to start when getting to the root of the issue.  While termination may be the solution in some more extreme situations, often, managers may just need further training and support. For guidance on how to begin, consider the following advice from the business leaders of Young Entrepreneur Council. Here, they offer their top tips for how to address the issue of turnover with the manager and help them improve themselves and their management style.

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Velvet Caviar

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Back in 2014, our founder Michelle Aran pioneered the tech accessories space with the first fashionable phone case paired with premium protection. Since then, Velvet Caviar has protected over 1,000,000 devices across phones, laptops, airpods, and more.


Consumer Electronics

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Phone cases
Premium protection

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11 - 50