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Jared Weitz

Chief Executive OfficerUnited Capital Source Inc.

Garden City, NY

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Jared Weitz has been in the financial services industry for more than 10 years. Due to his extensive work experience and deep network of close relationships, he handles a multitude of different finance options for all his clients and contacts. Over the years, he has held positions in some of the largest business financing companies in the U.S. Some of his roles have been: Underwriter, Director of Business Development, Managing Partner and currently, CEO of United Capital Source, Inc. Read a feature article on Jared Weitz in Jared’s specialties include: leasing, equipment financing, small-to-mid-sized business financing, large cap finance, merchant services, mortgages (both commercial and residential), underwriting, contract negotiation, and financial analysis and projection.

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16 Productivity and Time Management Apps Entrepreneurs Can't Live Without

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When you’re an entrepreneur, time management and productivity are key to lasting success. However, finding the time to get everything done can seem overwhelming, especially with the packed to-do lists that come with running a business. Fortunately, in today's technology-forward landscape, many apps are available to help busy entrepreneurs make the most of their (limited) time. Below, Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) leaders share their answers to the following question:

How To Negotiate Your Salary (According To These Successful Business Leaders)

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As inflation continues to take its toll on the economy, many professionals are looking for ways to increase their income. While some may choose to take their talents elsewhere and seek a higher-paying job, or even add on to their workload by taking on a potentially lucrative side hustle, others are content with their current career of choice and would rather earn their bump in pay another way: a raise.  However, unlike applying for a new position at another company, the path to achieving a salary increase at your current job may not feel as clear. That’s why we asked nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council to share their best tips for how to successfully negotiate a salary increase and why doing so can help you get the increase in pay you deserve.

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Bringing on a business advisor can be a great way to get you or your business out of a rut, both financially and creatively. Not only can they help you rework any failing processes or initiatives, but they can also provide inspiration and insights into what might be the “next big thing” for your growing business. However, like with any new hire you make, you’ll want to be thoughtful about your choice and avoid rushing into a decision based on desperation. To help you find the best fit for you and your business, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council each discuss one factor entrepreneurs should keep in mind before seeking out a business advisor and why.

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Negotiating contracts and terms with clients is a critical aspect of any business engagement. Whether you're a freelancer, a small-business owner, or work for a large corporation, understanding and implementing effective negotiation strategies is crucial for achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. To employ the best practices in contract negotiation—as well as safeguard your interests, foster productive client relationships, and ensure the smooth execution of projects—consider the following advice from members of the Young Entrepreneur Council.

Business Owners: Nine Impactful Ways To Improve Your SEO Efforts

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While creating a website for your small business is a great first step to expanding your audience and catering to your customers’ needs, building a website alone is often not enough to attract new visitors to your online store. One effective tactic is to improve your website’s SEO, or optimize your site to rank at the top of search engine results. This will not only allow current and potential customers to find your website with ease, but it will also ensure they have a more positive user experience once on your site. Even if you’ve never delved into SEO before, there are many simple yet effective steps you can take to improve your site’s ranking. Here, nine business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council recommend the easiest ways small-business owners can give their SEO efforts an impactful boost.

19 Inspiring Podcasts to Boost Your Entrepreneurial Creativity

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Being an entrepreneur requires a unique blend of creativity, vision and innovative thinking. To stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape, entrepreneurs need constant inspiration and fresh perspectives. Luckily, podcasts have become an invaluable (and readily available) source of knowledge and motivation for ambitious business minds. Whether you're just starting your entrepreneurial journey or are a seasoned professional, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) offer their suggestions by answering this question:

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At United Capital Source, we provide funding to small businesses that have difficulty obtaining that money elsewhere. We provide your business with the capital it needs to operate your business. Moreover, we provide it quickly. Our goal is to eliminate the difficulties encountered at traditional lenders and make it easy for anyone to receive financing for their small businesses.


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