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Brian David Crane

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Knoxville, TN

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Raised in East Tennessee, Brian got an early start as an entrepreneur. He launched his first business, Brian's Windridge Lawn Care, with a rake, a mower, and a dream after his father showed up with a riding lawn mower in the back of the family minivan instead of the yellow mountain bike that Brian craved. At 16, tired of applying aloe to sunburns, Brian stopped cutting grass and started recycling printer cartridges when he co-founded Cash4Cartridges USA. He grew the company while at the University of Tennessee and sold it shortly after returning from living a year abroad in Argentina. After college, Brian moved to Silicon Valley to be part of the original leadership team at Inflection. Thanks to several amazing mentors, he learned how to build and profitably scale web properties. To date, he’s helped launch four multimillion-dollar digital brands, including, which was bought by for $100 million cash three years after its launch. Now, Brian is focused on helping e-commerce brands grow with his digital marketing fund, Spread Great Ideas, which privately invests capital and sweat equity into select digital brands in order to help them reach a larger audience, profitably. He also writes and publishes on the world’s great ideas, as he researches time-tested philosophical wisdom as confirmed by modern scientific research. Personally, Brian has been semi-nomadic since 2014. This started after he sold most of his possessions - except for his Piaggio (Italian for macho scooter) and his beloved treadmill desk - to pursue a more holistic lifestyle. He's lived on 4 continents, and traveled to over 40 countries. He's currently based in Europe. Inspired to make our world a better place, Brian loves to connect and collaborate with talented people all over the globe.

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Feb 28, 2024

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Spread Great Ideas

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Spread Great Ideas is an amalgamation of sorts: For some, it’s a digital marketing fund which helps e-commerce brands reach a larger audience, profitably. For others, it’s a content marketing team which helps transmute the world’s great ideas - those time-tested gems of philosophical wisdom as confirmed by modern scientific research. For all, it relies upon unabashed curiosity, operational excellence, and the Socratic Method ’s promise of intelligent non-conformity in order to make that amalgamation work.



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Digital Marketing

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