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Submit Your News for Us to Share

YEC members may use this form to submit achievements to be shared on the YEC blog, on social media, and in member newsletters. Submissions will be edited for clarity and format. We will reach out if we have questions about your submission.

Please review the following guidelines before submitting your request:

News must be related to your company or career. Examples include awards, product launches, expansions, acquisitions, notable speaking engagements, and executive hires.

News must include a relevant public link to an article, blog post, or press release (not a company home page).

We cannot share news that may be construed as soliciting, such as requests to invest.

News should not be directly promotional:

  • ✅Jane Smith launched a new product, Gadget, which aims to revolutionize the gadget industry.
  • ❌Member Jane Smith just launched a new product, Gadget. Get 20% off when you buy it now.