YEC Speakers

The 5 Core Stories That Can Help You Stand Out and Connect in Any Environment

Hosted by YEC Speakers Chair Arel Moodie
with Steve Werner


Your YEC Speakes chair Arel Moodie, invited Steve Werner, founder at Monetize Your Tribe, to discuss how to stand out and connect in any environment.  

In the last eight years, Steve went from bombing his first live event to building over 65 sold-out productions for himself and his clients. He has crafted and critiqued over 370 one-to-many sales presentations and has spoken on more than 200 stages, including Harvard. When COVID hit ‘pause’ on live events, he pivoted — helping 27 online entrepreneurs launch story selling webinars that net over $4.1M in sales in the last 18 months. Steve provided insight into five core stories that everybody can use to stand out, engage audiences and ultimately change lives. In this session, members learned the core components of great stories. 

Check out key takeaways below. 

  • Have a story or multiple stories that reflect that you are trustworthy. This is what you call your "hero's story."
  • You should also have weird stories that translate who you are and sells you. This helps you be memorable.
  • Have a high-def grabber; this helps keep people engaged it allows for a natural state break. If possible, use all five senses and maybe a pain point that listeners want to avoid.
  • Flashback to pain points and match the pain points to the listening audience.
  • Create a lightbulb moment; this is the shortest point in your story. 

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