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Human Touch and SEO: Make Blogs Deliver Success in the AI-Driven World of Search

Human Touch and SEO: Make Blogs Deliver Success in the AI-Driven World of Search

Ron Lieback is the Founder & CEO of ContentMender, productivity hacker and author of "365 to Vision: Modern Writer's Guide."

In today's digital landscape, the advent of AI in search engines is revolutionizing how content is discovered, ranked, and consumed. 

The largest is  Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE), which changes how we search for information online. Its goal is to give five quick answers to complicated questions by using generative AI to summarize the best search results into one short snippet at the top of the page.

This means no attribution to any website; Google simply provides the answer. 

That said, content marketing will have an even larger impact on a business’s brand awareness. And blogs hosted on your business’s website are by far the superior outlet for storytelling, providing a unique space where brands can articulate their narratives, showcase their values, and connect with their audience on a personal level. 

But they must also be optimized for search visibility. This blend of storytelling with SEO is more vital than ever for growing brand awareness in a world of AI-driven search results.

Unlike many businesses looking to cut money, you can’t simply ask ChatGPT to create blogs and upload them to your website. I see it often with new clients, and one of my team’s prioritized tasks is to wipe the website of all AI content. A few clients were happy with this effort following the major Google Algorithm update that wiped out many rankings for some powerful websites that were relying on purely AI-created content. 

Yes, AI is extremely powerful for strategy and can help with SEO, but AI will never come close to providing that proverbial human touch. 

With that said, today’s blogging world is all about mixing real human connection with smart SEO. This combo lets us unlock our blogs' full potential and stand out online.

Human Touch in Blogging Matters

Blogs aren't just about sharing facts—they're about making connections. My agency has a high retention rate with clients because my staff and I stay close to them—for example, if you don’t know the name of your closest client’s child or pet, you’re not close enough. That personal touch makes the relationship stronger. 

And adding a personal touch makes your blog relatable. Tell stories. Share experiences. Let readers see themselves in your words. This not only grabs their attention but also builds a stronger bond.

Emotions are big, too. When your content touches on feelings, it sticks with readers more. Adding personal stories or creating emotion-driven calls to action can make your blog stand out.

Being real and relatable wins readers over. It turns them into your biggest fans. A true human touch grows your blog's community, increases its reach, and leaves a lasting impression.

Another way to add a human touch is to create interactive content. Incorporating interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and personal videos can significantly increase user engagement. These elements encourage readers to spend more time on your blog, which not only strengthens your brand awareness but also positively influences SEO rankings. 

Interactive content also provides a unique opportunity to collect feedback and insights directly from your audience, further personalizing their experience.

SEO's Role in AI-Driven Blogging

The human side is crucial, but it's just one part of blogging. Think of your blog as a beacon. SEO is the map that leads people to it. With AI playing a big part in blogging, getting SEO right is more important than ever.

SEO ensures that your content matches what people are looking for. It involves using the right keywords and structuring your posts so they're easy to find on Google. This boosts your blog's visibility, attracts more visitors, and expands your audience.

Good SEO practices, like making your blog fast to load and easy to view on phones, improve the visitor experience. Google looks for this when deciding where to rank your page. Quality backlinks also help your blog create credibility within search engines. But don’t go creating a link-building campaign for this; rather, spend that energy on creating more quality and engaging content, and the links will come naturally—which is what search engines want anyway. 

Remember, SEO gets people to your blog, but your content keeps them there. Focus on your audience first, then search engines.

The Sweet Spot: Mixing Human Touch and SEO

The challenge is to blend the human touch with SEO perfectly. It's about creating content that's valuable to readers and ranks well on search engines like Google.

The key is high-quality content that answers readers' questions and draws them in. While you're at it, include SEO naturally in your writing. Keywords and tags should fit smoothly into your content, not stick out.

Stay updated with SEO trends and changes to keep your content on top. But don't let the tech stuff drown out your voice. Your unique style and stories are what make your blog special.

In the world of AI-driven search, blogs that combine real human stories with smart SEO stand out. By infusing our content with real-life experiences and ensuring it's easy to find, we can connect with more people and succeed online. Embrace human touch and SEO in your blogging journey, and watch your blog grow.

Always be ready to change and try new things to see what your audience likes best. Using human touch and SEO lets bloggers unlock their blogs' full potential and make a mark online.

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