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How Your VA Can Manage Your Personal Finances: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

How Your VA Can Manage Your Personal Finances: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

Use a tool like LastPass to transmit data safely.

Your virtual assistant can use secure databases that your store credit card and other sensitive account information, so you’ll never have to worry about any of that data being compromised.

Once your VA is equipped with this information, you’ll also want to protect and organize all of your account logins. Here at YEC, we like to use LastPass’ password management service to keep track of all our passwords and make it easy for our VAs to access them securely.

What’s more, you’ll never have to memorize passwords again thanks to LastPass’ browser extension feature that allows you to log in seamlessly with one extra click. Simply add all of your important logins into your LastPass vault and then provide your VA with access to your account so they can get everything they need there.

Empower your VA to manage every step of the payments process.

Schedule a set time each month to review expenses with your VA. This way, your VA can notify you when it’s time to pay bills, as well as specify the vendor and bill amount so you can verify the expenses and have them schedule your payments. Have them send you a breakdown on Slack (or another mobile-friendly instant messenger application of your choosing) of all the bills that were paid and their total amount — this could also be emailed to family members so everyone’s kept in the loop.

Make sure to add your VA as a designated contact in your various accounts so they can handle all communication with customer service representatives in the event that they need to investigate an issue related to your account. With your VA taking care of these time-intensive matters, you’ll never have to waste time on hold with your water company or get distracted by multiple phone calls during a busy business day — and thanks to mobile-friendly messaging tools, they’re available to contact you in the event of an account-related question that needs your immediate attention.

Your VA is equipped to handle last-minute purchases on the fly.

Ever run into any unexpected or last-minute costs that need to be taken care of — like buying a new TV or flowers for your spouse? Trust in your VA to get the job taken care of quickly. Since your VA has your credit card information on file and knows which card to use for various expenses, they can easily make purchases on the fly — just make sure to explain to your VA what your preferred retailer is for these charges. If you buy electronics on Amazon but look for appliances at Sears, for instance, let them know so they can optimize the services you already use in your daily life (and rack up bonus points or save on shipping costs with your Amazon Prime account).

Before long, you’ll come to discover that your VA knows your bills so well that they can catch the smallest of details (perhaps a bill increase month over month) you might not have. And as we discussed in the basics of VA communication, always document what processes you currently have in place so they can replicate your systems and perhaps create new processes for streamlining your personal finance activity.

This post is part of a series created by Ryan Paugh, co-founder of YEC, in which we explore outsourcing topics and offer advice on what we’ve found works best.

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