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How to Retain Your Best Employees With Lane Campbell

How to Retain Your Best Employees With Lane Campbell

In this video clip, Lane Campbell, co-founder of PAEAN, offers insights on why employees are jumping jobs, and how you can work to retain them. With many employees changing companies every two years, you need to create a reason for them to stay. Cultivate a social mission to make your employees fall in love with what you're doing. Then they'll be more likely to stick around.

"It's 2016. It's not 1955. Employees are going to jump. If you aren't expecting it, then you aren't running your business properly."

More about our expert: Lane Campbell is an accomplished technology entrepreneur with a track record that includes three successful exits. Demanding but motivating leader with diverse technical expertise and strong managerial skills. Team player who has led both US and international teams. Maintains relationships with leaders in technology including those at Google, Microsoft and Intel. Creates success through technological innovation.

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