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Top Tips Your Clients Need Leading Up To BFCM
(Black Friday/Cyber Monday)

Hosted by Cooper Harris



This month's discussion was lead by fellow member, Cooper Harris. She provided tips to outperform your competition this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Cooper provided the community with insights and the benefits of performance marketing & automated technology. Members learned components that should be aware of, and other innovative platforms that will help scale your business.  

Cooper Harris is a California-based entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Klickly, a data-driven impulse-payments platform that powers distributed commerce. Cooper has been nominated for Google’s “Young Innovator” award, L’Oreal’s “Digital Woman of the Year,” won InformationAge’s Women in I.T. “Entrepreneur of the Year” and named by Adobe as a “Top Thought-Leader” at Cannes. She is a favorite speaker at international summits including CES, Cannes Lions, Shoptalk, SXSW, Sundance, Los Angeles TechWeek, London Tech Conference, and more, speaking on advances in eComm, Retail Tech, FinTech, fostering women in STEM, and disrupting the
status quo using technology and innovation. 

In this session, members learned about the changes in the eCommerce landscape & privacy updates have added challenges for DTC brands. In the last quarter, studies have shown that brands have seen a 25% decrease in overarching revenues. Due to these changes, they've impacted BFCM and causing brands to seek alternative channels to stand out. Check them out below. 

  • The BFCM shopping period has been continuously extending starting earlier and lasting longer.
  • In order to compete, brands are offering bigger deals, ultimately cutting into their margins and affecting their ROI.
  • Lack of 3rd party data makes targeting, personalization, and tracking more difficult requiring more time and resources.

Check out the slides here.

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