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Webinar: Using Your YEC Membership to Accelerate Success

There’s so much your YEC membership can do to accelerate your growth as a professional – do you know how to take full advantage of all your membership benefits? Join us to learn about the opportunities for VISIBILITY, CONNECTIONS, and GROWTH that come with being a member of this elite group.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Understand all the benefits available to you as a member and how to leverage them
  • Discover ways to boost your professional visibility and showcase your expertise to your stakeholders
  • Explore using the YEC network to make connections and find solutions
  • Learn how the concierge team supports you as a member
  • Ask any questions about how membership benefits can support your professional goals

If you’d like to take full advantage of your membership, this 30 minutes will show you how! 

We host these webinars every Friday afternoon. Your assistant, PR representative, or other support team members are always welcome to attend, too.

Don't wait, register for an upcoming one today.