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Zach Obront


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Zach is the Co-Founder and Head of Author Marketing at Scribe Media, a company that helps people turn their ideas into books.


April 19th, 2019

Three Principles To Create More Ownership On Your Team

Encourage your team to think like owners by giving them the information and tools they need.

July 3rd, 2018

4 Lessons I've Learned Scaling A Remote Company

Culture is about meaning and connection; not free coffee or novelty office perks.


Scribe Media

At Scribe Media, we’ve created a new process to turn your idea into a book. In short, we interview you in a systematic way that properly structures your ideas, and gets them out of your head and into words. Then we turn those words into a book—in your voice. All you need to do, as the author, is answer questions about what you already know. Everything else is handled by our team of experienced publishing professionals. Visit to learn more about our book publishing and marketing services or to explore our full-time career or freelance opportunities and join our tribe.